Childhood – come again 

I wish that real smile comes again,
And I could play with that little train.
No complications, no lies, no ours, no theirs,
Want to fall again by terrace stairs.
No need of becoming beautiful, not
And can’t see bad sin.

 That amazing kisses 

And the name princess 
I want to enjoy again each second of my life,
And I need not any mind like sharp knife.
I don’t want to know about my name,
To know what I am would be only my aim.
I really really really want to become child once more,
And enjoy my sides four.
O God please make my full life a childhood,
I just want to be me with my angel hood…☺️☺️☺️


Lord ganesh

Someone everything in my life

He is the one

Who has made me in my eyes a star

I don’t know I will see him or not

But I feel his presence all the time

He is the one

Who has made me realize  I am for literature 

Whenever I am surrendered with darkness

He gives me a lamp with a small light

He is the person

With whom I can be angry anytime 

He is my beginning and the end

I believe him most even more than my parents 

When I was on the wrong way 

He was only the person who knew the truth

And scolded me for it

He is the person I can share anything with

He is the person who had made me known to literature 

He has a head of elephant 

And body of human 

That’s what make him unique 

And I am his unique devoter

He is the most beautiful one I have ever seen

He always tells me it’s wrong and it’s right

Sometimes when I break his promise

And thought he would leave me like my friends

I was wrong

He was again on my way to tell me this is wrong

When I was crying

He shares with me a joke

He don’t comes to me to say all this 

I just feel his presence in my heart

I hate bathing in morning that everyone know

But for him on his festival

I always  bathed in morning for prayer

He is the one who knows all my secret

Lyrics of song and theories of  biology 

I can forget

But not the mantra of God ganesh

I love you for all the thing 

And especially for literature 

My lord ganesh…